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There aren't many things as frightening as an Audit Letter from the IRS. The fact that the Federal Government can demand access to your personal and business records is bad enough, but worse is when it demands records for years you no longer remember.

These are the four most common ways the IRS picks victims:

Document Matching – Your tax return may not match documents that the IRS has on record. Documents that have been supplied to them by your employer, bank or other institutions.

Random Selection – Believe it or not, the IRS randomly selects tax returns for audit.

Related Examinations – One person or business is audited and during that audit, your name or business comes up. An audit notice is sent to you as a result.

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Un-filed Tax Returns – When you don't file your returns on time the IRS will open an “audit” or investigation into your income for that year and produce a return(s) for you.

There are different ways the IRS conducts an audit as well. It may do it by mail or in person. When it conducts an in-person audit, it may try to meet at your home, place of business, or your representative's place of business.

Many of our clients don't call until after the audit is complete and new debt is assessed. This can make the situation more difficult. We suggest that everyone open mail from the IRS and take any letter to a competent professional immediately as a result.

We defend audits in an organized and aggressive way. We appeal to negative audit results and help our Arizona clients eliminate tax debt.

If the IRS is auditing, call and speak to Attorney Michael Anderson about the process and solutions.