Serious IRS Debt and Related Problems? Let me help you get back on track.

Dealing with serious IRS debt? Has your bank account been frozen or your wages garnished? Are you dealing with an IRS audit or have missing tax returns? As a tax attorney with over 20 years experience, I can help you find your best solution and be your experienced advocate when dealing with the IRS.

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I tell my clients the truth about their IRS debt options. They deserve to know the truth and need it in order to make informed decisions about the best path to take.

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Carefully Crafted Strategies

I help my clients determine the best plan to deal with their IRS debt problem. By fully evaluating the situation first, I’ve helped my qualifying clients eliminate millions of dollars in IRS debt with the least amount of cost and time.

"I tell my clients the truth about their options"

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Arizona Tax Attorney

I represent individuals, self-employed, and businesses in Arizona who have IRS debt or are at risk of facing IRS debt as a result of an audit. My focus on tax debt resolution helps me to provide my clients access to personalized, detailed, and experienced service.

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Michael S. Anderson

Attorney at Law

I’ve been practicing law for more than 24 years and have helped several thousand clients eliminate millions of dollars in tax and other debt. I enjoy and take pride in helping my clients deal with IRS debt and related IRS problems and gain control of their financial situation. I represent clients from around the valley and across the state.
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Benjamin Franklin said, “....Nothing is certain except death and taxes”. If you have serious IRS debt, are facing an audit, have a number of missing tax returns or any number of other problems that exist in relation to the IRS, you may feel like “IRS stress” should be added to the quote. I help my clients develop plans that help them resolve and often eliminate IRS debt, create missing tax returns, stop IRS collection activity, and challenge the results of incorrect audit assessments. I try to eliminate the “IRS stress” for my clients and help them obtain the best result available.

IRS Audits and Audit Appeals

Ensuring that nothing is missed

When dealing with an IRS audit or when challenging the results of one, an understanding of tax law as well as the audit and audit appeal process are absolutely necessary. I provide my clients both. I also provide my clients with direct communication and personalized customer service. I want my clients to obtain the best result possible given their unique situation.

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Get your IRS questions answered.


IRS debt can be paid in full, settled, challenged, or discharged in bankruptcy. The way you deal with it will depend on your financial situation, IRS history, and personal goals.


You can lose your IRS tax refund if you file the return too late. The IRS gets to keep any refunds from returns filed more than three years after the due date.


If you don't respond to the audit, the IRS will eventually create a debt or a new debt amount with penalty and interest, and then move the debt to the collection enforcement side.

WHAT is the purpose of

The IRS CP2000 letter provides notice of a discrepancy between what was reported to the IRS and your return. It also threatens changes to your return based on that discrepancy.

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Call and tell me more about your situation. I can provide an overview of options that may help reduce your stress.

I have more than 20 years experience helping clients find real solutions to serious IRS debt and related problems. During a first phone discussion I can often provide information and guidance that provides some relief from the stress associated with these types of problems. If you need assistance in finding a best path to deal with your IRS debt, have received an IRS CP2000 letter, audit notice, or IRS collection related letter, I can evaluate your situation and provide you with straightforward advice about your options.

I enjoy helping my clients find a real solution and regain control. My clients need help dealing with IRS debt, IRS audit results, CP2000 letters, missing tax returns, and IRS collection issues. I’ve been able to help thousands of clients in Arizona.