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I Have a Serious Tax Debt, I Don’t Know Who to Talk to About Finding a Way to Resolve It. Who Should I Call?

Michael S. Anderson Nov. 18, 2013

If you had a serious illness like some form of Cancer, who would you want to consult with first?

  • Your Cousin Fred

  • A Nurse

  • A Family Doctor

  • A Doctor who specializes in Treating Your type of Cancer

You would want to speak with the Specialist right? Why? A Specialist has been trained for years to understand your illness and specifically treat it.

Go it alone

If you have a serious Tax Debt problem wouldn't the same thought process apply?

I mean, you could go it alone right, talk to Fred a bit and do some research…

But if the problem were serious enough, would you take the chance that you had the time and ability to learn how to solve it and implement what you had learned?

Of course you are going to do some of your own reading on the subject, but reading some websites and downloading a few articles isn't going to help you find and obtain the best solution to a serious tax problem. It wouldn't help you solve your own serious illness either.

The IRS is trained and collects taxes every day – they are good at it. You will be doing it once…hopefully. You aren't good at it and Fred probably isn't either.

The IRS is trained to make you feel comfortable and to disclose things or provided thing that will hurt your case.

A Tax Attorney is specifically trained to research and zealously pursue his or her client's best interests agains the IRS. A good Tax Attorney will make the IRS work hard, and

will often find ways to reduce or eliminate substantial amounts of tax debt using methods you may not know existed.

What about your Accountant?

Accountants do a lot of accounting like Preparing Financial Statements and balancing Books. Most Accountants spend very little time dealing with Tax Resolution issues, if any time at all. Accountants are great for planning ahead, preparing necessary items, calculating tax returns and helping you take advantage of legal tax breaks.

An accountant isn't always equipped and doesn't necessarily want to be equipped, to deal with the serious problems that arise from failing to file returns or failing to pay the tax debt.

Thats the job of a Tax Lawyer, someone who focuses on the law surrounding tax debt collection and tax controversy.

Tax problems are a legal issue. They are based on United States Laws that state that give the IRS the ability to seize money and property and charge you with a crime.

An Attorney?

If you are really ill, you may visit your family Doctor first, I agree. A good family Doctor will recognize quickly that you need to see a specialist. A good Attorney will do the same and tell you to see another lawyer who focuses on dealing with Tax Debt. Attorneys who don't focus their practice on Tax Problem Resolution are at a disadvantage primarily because they haven't spent enough time dealing with the issues surrounding Tax Collection to know all of the ins and outs.

I don't practice Family Law for the same reason.

You wouldn't continue to see your Family Doctor if he or she didn't deal with your type of Cancer on a regular basis either would you?

Serious Tax Debt

Serious IRS Debt requires the use of an Attorney who deals with the IRS directly and in Bankruptcy Court all the time. If you don't use an Attorney with that type of practice you may very well miss out on a loophole in the law that will cure your problem.