michael-anderson-tax-lawyer-mesa-2SERIOUS TAX PROBLEM? REAL SOLUTIONS EXIST

Many Arizonans deal with serious tax problems every day. They have un-filed tax returns, serious tax debt, IRS Audit issues, and are facing IRS liens and IRS Levies.  Most feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn for information and real solutions. I can help.


If you live in Arizona and have a serious tax problem, this site was created for you.  It was built with the desire to provide as much information as possible to people just like you.  It contains information about all the legal solutions that exist in dealing with the IRS.  I encourage you to spend some time here, read the tax blog and the articles section.  Feel free to send us a question using the contact form as well.  I can also speak to you over the phone about your situation and provide some thoughts, direction and answer your questions for free.


My clients are individuals and small businesses facing one or more of the following problems:

Late Tax Returns
IRS Audit
IRS Lien
IRS Levy
IRS Income Tax Debt
IRS Payroll Tax Debt
Arizona Tax Debt

For clients with serious tax debt we always try to find a way to reduce the debt in the quickest and least expensive way.  Sometimes that simply requires the negotiation of a payment plan or non-collectible status and waiting out the statute of limitations clock on IRS collection, sometimes it means the negotiation of an IRS Offer in Compromise, and sometimes it means filing a bankruptcy.

Every person’s situation is unique, and only after a thorough review of your IRS history and financial situation can we jointly create the best plan to deal with your problem.


Fees are always a concern for people with tax problems.  My fees are typically “flat” and always fair. In fact, they are usually less than most non-lawyer tax resolution firms because we keep our overhead low and don’t waste time taking you down paths that won’t lead to a solution.  In “non-emergency” tax cases, we don’t require a large “retainer”.   You can hire us with a very small amount and monthly payments.  See the partial Fee Schedule.


I take great pride in providing detailed, aggressive representation and in providing the highest level of customer service and personal attention to each of my clients.  To achieve the best results, I treat each client with great care and treat each client the way I would want to be treated.  You can read some client comments about my services here.


Learn More About Your Options

Again, read about tax problems and solutions that may exist for you.   The more information you have about your options the better your case will go.

Gather Basic Information

Gather some basic income, budget, and tax filing history.  Be knowledgeable about how much you owe and what you own.  It doesn’t have to be a complete set of information initially, just enough to allow us to discuss your options.

Call My Mesa Law Office

When you call the office, ask to speak to me about your situation.  We will arrange a time to discuss it over the phone before making an in-person appointment.  The Call is free.  I will listen to your situation and your goals, ask a number of questions, answer some of yours, and provide thoughts about potential solutions.

I am in the business of solving tax problems and want to solve yours.

I look forward to helping you!

The signature of tax and bankruptcy attorney Michael S Anderson of Mesa Arizona



Michael S. Anderson, Attorney

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