We help Arizona Clients with tax debt, understand their options, make informed choices, and use the best legal option available to them.  The process requires 4 steps.


A.  Speak with Attorney

Call the office to discuss the situation with the attorney. He'll listen to your situation, ask questions, and provide thoughts about your options, answer your questions, and explain how the process works.  The discussion is free.

B.  IRS history and financial analysis

Once you've spoken with the Attorney, we begin the process of gathering additional facts from the IRS and from you.  We need to know a number of things in order to provide the correct advice.  This is broken into two parts:

IRS History Analysis

We contact the IRS to confirm debt amounts, penalty amounts, dates of assessment, collection statute dates, which returns are missing, which returns can be challenged, reported income for the years with missing returns, which debt may meet date criteria for discharge in bankruptcy, whether you might qualify for a time-based payment plan, and where you are at in the collection process in terms of levy and lien.  We also file an appeal re: collection if it makes sense or at a minimum attempt to negotiate a short hold on collection to allow time to complete missing returns, financial statements, and propose a solution.

Financial Analysis

Depending on your situation with the IRS, your actual income, budget, and assets will make all the difference in how you solve the problem.  If it will make a difference, we have you provide us detailed information and documentation so that we can use this information to your advantage.


If there are missing returns or there are IRS Substitute Returns that need to be “challenged”, we can complete these returns with your help.  Knowing what the debt amount will be is not only important in order to get the solution right, but it's necessary in order to convince the IRS to play ball.


Once we know your IRS history, your correct IRS debt, and if necessary, your financial situation, we can create a plan that will help you to control IRS collection in the short term and deal with the debt.  We discuss this with you, including the pros and cons of each available option, and you'll make a decision about which option to use.


Once we've analyzed the situation, compliance is complete, and the plan is chosen… we work together to follow the plan and use it to deal with your tax debt situation.


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Contact Us Today

If you have an IRS problem, call our office and ask to speak with the Attorney about it. We like to discuss the situation on the phone for free to ask you some questions, answer some of yours, and to determine whether it may make sense for us to help. We’ve helped several thousand clients with tax debt problems over the last two decades. We’ll tell you the truth about your options and help you find the best one.