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  • Tax Debt Solutions

    Our tax practice is limited to finding ways to reduce, control or eliminate serious tax debt.   There are some real legal options that can make a big difference and I have helped many clients reduce, control and eliminate millions of dollars in tax debt since 1996.

    Options –  Once I fully understand your situation, I personally work with you to create a real plan to eliminate as much debt as possible.  Sometimes the plan is complex and involves multiple steps and sometimes it is straightforward. Most of my clients use one or more of the following legal solutions:

    • IRS Offer in Compromise
    • Bankruptcy
    • IRS Payment Plan Negotiation with IRS Statute of Limitation on Collection
    • IRS Non Collectible Status Negotiation with IRS Statute of Limitation on Collection
    • IRS Payment Plan or Non Collectible Status Negotiation with Bankruptcy
    • Creation of Missing Tax Returns in Order to Challenge Incorrect IRS Substitute Returns

    Each Client is Unique –  Every person I help is unique and has his or her own set of goals and problems, but all have one thing in common. They each face a large Tax Debt that threatens property, peace of mind and even reputation.

    Analysis is Key to a Long Term Solution –  It is important as a result to review IRS history, financial situation and goals in order to know what the best legal solution(s) will be. This analysis begins when you and I discuss the problem over the phone for free. It continues when we meet in person to review problems, solutions and partial documents and is complete when we review IRS documents and client documents in greater depth.


    Straightforward Advice –  I am direct when advising clients. I won’t tell a Client what he may “want” to hear so that I can sell more legal services. Instead, I analyze and provide a “plan” that will result in a real solution. Sometimes, I find that the client doesn’t require help to implement that plan. That is fine as finding the best solution is the priority.

    Personal and Detailed Representation –  Every situation and each person that my  Arizona firm deals with is unique. Details can make or break a case. As a result, I make sure I know the facts of my client’s case and his or her goals. I know how the law will apply to both. This isn’t “cookie cutter” law. My clients have direct contact to me and I know each person and each case.

    Coaching –  Some tax clients cannot find a way to pay a legal fee and some have simpler situations. I provide coaching sessions to help these people. After an initial phone discussion, and an in person meeting is concluded, a client may decide that they want to have me review the facts in more depth with them and discuss and explain options in a way that will help them handle the case themselves.

    Flat Fees and Payment Plans –  Most situations are billed on an hourly basis.

    I am an Attorney –  Serious tax and debt problems deserve the attention of an Attorney. Attorneys are trained in the law. These types of problems are legal matters. There are legal rights and issues at stake. Attorneys are regulated by their local State Bar and I find that the vast majority of Attorneys are honest and want the best for their client. I know I do.

    I am Local –  I can handle the entire case by phone, fax and email and sometimes I do if that is what the client wants.  All of my clients live in Arizona though and I prefer to meet with them face to face.

    I am Experienced –  I have helped more than 2000 people since 1996 with their tax and debt problems.  I have helped my clients eliminate millions of dollars in tax and other debt.


    Contact –  Call or email the office and ask to speak with me about your tax debt.  I will spend 10-15 minutes asking questions and listening to the problem in order to determine if I can help and whether you should come in to the office to discuss the situation in more depth.

    Gather Documents –  Start to gather paystubs, bank account statements, bills, IRS correspondence and other financial information. Sit down with paper and a sharp pencil and get fully acquainted with your income, tax withholding, budget, asset and debt situation. I will need to understand it as well. It may be key to saving lots of money.

    Work with Us To Solve the Problem –  This Website is designed to provide as much information about tax debt solutions as possible. Knowledge is good. Read and absorb. Action is required though. You must be ready to find a solution and do what is necessary to help obtain it.

    I am in the business of solving IRS Debt problems and want to solve yours. I look forward to helping you!

    Michael S. Anderson, Attorney